24 Nov

Big Body Small Head – Hairstyle Mistakes 3 & 4

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big body small head haircut mistakeMistake 3: Big Body, Small Head Syndrome

Voluptuous women look best with a choppy, chin-length bob, says hairstylist Edward Tricomi of the Warren Tricomi Salon in New York City. If you cut the hair close to your scalp, “your head will look too small in comparison,” he says.

mixing styles mistakeMistake 4: Mixing Styles

Kate Gosselin may be partial to the smooth in front, spiky in back look, but anyone else with short, layered hair should learn from her mistakes. “Kate looks like she’s using gel and hair spray to spike it up—and that’s exactly what not to do.” Lloyd says. “Instead, you need to smooth down the back with a dab of pomade.” (We love Bumble and Bumble SumoTech.) Or, says Lloyd, “after you blow-dry it, wear a baseball cap or a ski hat for ten minutes or so. That will get the short layers under control and the cut looking more cohesive.”

Hairstyle Mistakes 5 & 6 (Product Overload & Using No Product)


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