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6 Nov

Female Pixie Haircuts In 2009 – The Pixie Cut

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Ashley Greene pixie haircutFemale Pixie Haircuts of 2009

If you have paid any attention to the media this last year chances are you have heard of the movie and book series “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer.  There is a character in her series named Alice Cullen played by actress Ashley Greene.  Ashley and her character Alice have single handedly made the Pixie haircut popular this year.

The pixie cut is a wonderfully short hairstyle where the hair is cut just above the earlobes.  It is usually cut in nice short layers and can be worn messy or sleek.  The pixie hairstyle is easy to manage and is a very simple hairstyle which can help you look put together with just a little effort.

To style the pixie haircut you need to wash, dry and add a small amount of product to your fingers and work it in to your hair.  Mess your hair and go.  If you want a sleek look wash your hair and add some pomade or wax to your hair, shape with your fingers or brush and let it dry.  You may also choose to use a round brush while drying your hair to help you create some lift and curl in your pixie haircut which will create a fuller looking cut.

Remember that not all face shapes can wear the pixie cut.  Pixie cuts are generally best worn on oval faces, as well as some rectangular shaped faces.  Pixie cuts are not best on round faces or heart shaped faces.

If you have any questions about the Pixie Haircuts then please “Ask The Hairstylist” a question and we will post the response here.