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10 Nov

The Roman Braided Hairstyle

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roman braided hairstyleThe Roman Braided Hairstyle

The Romans were known for many things and one of those was their beautiful women.  Roman women would often wear their hair braided which has become a hairstyle still worn today.  Roman women braided their hair in several different styles.  One of the most common was to have the front hair parted down the middle and waved, with the back hair braided and pinned to the top of the head.

Another popular style of Roman braids is to have your hair braided on one side of your head and then take that one long braid and bring it over the top of your head and loop it around to the top of your head so it shapes like a crown.  This hairstyle is best worn on women who have naturally long hair or women who have hair extensions.

Another braided hairstyle is to again have the front half of your hair parted down the middle and then back half parted from side to side.  The front sections are braided to below the ears and then French braided into the hair at the back.  This is a very distinct style and can be made to look modern by not having the parts be so tight and having the hair loosely braided.

One nice Roman inspired braided hairstyle is to braid all of the hair and then wrap the braid around itself to form a bun.  This hairstyle can be worn on top of the head or at the nape of the neck.  Each style will create a different look and both can be dressed up or dressed down.  To dress up the hairstyle add a few sparkle hair accessories, to dress it down again create a loose braid and loose bun.

We can thank the Romans for many of the things we have today.  We can also thank them for the idea of braiding and the hairstyles they created that are still used today.

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