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7 Nov

Challenges Of The Asian Hairstyles

Posted by Hair Styles

asian hairstyle pixie cutThe Challenges Of The Asian Hairstyle

Every type of ethnic hair has its own set of challenges and the Asian hairstyle is no different.  Blessed with dark straight locks which are often wonderfully shiny, Asian hairstyle often lacks body. Round faces are no exception.

If your straight hair lacks excitement it may be time to experiment with a razor cut.  Round faces are no exception.  Using a razor to cut the hair increases movement and body in a hairstyle.  Often times Asian hair is coarse and very straight so having your hairstylist use a razor while cutting your hair will soften the edges, create texture and thin out your hair to lighten it up a bit.  All different lengths of hair can benefit from a razor cut as well as a round face shape.  A round face will benefit from a textured cut that frames the face creating a thinner looking face.

Adding bangs that push to the side will also frame a nice round face shape and add a nice style too.  If your goal is wash and go, stick with a medium length shag hairstyle.  This hairstyle has lots of layers and razored edges.  You do not need to mess with everyday styling tools such as hair dryers or curling irons, instead keep your styling simple.  Use your fingers and a small amount of styling product to create a nice shag hairstyle.

With a round face shape the best styles are generally layered bangs rather than straight or heavy bangs.  Short styles which will give height to your face shape.  Styles that add length, by incorporating layers and razor cuts to add texture and dimension to your hair are also great cuts for round shaped faces.  And one last one hairstyle that looks nice on round faces is having your hair kept short at the sides of your face, this again will create a framing effect and is a flattering style with round face shapes.