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10 Nov

Best Hairstyle For Small Foreheads

Posted by Hair Styles

Reese Witherspoon hairstyle for small foreheadBest Hairstyle For Small Foreheads

Having a small forehead is not a bad thing when it comes to choosing different hairstyles.  The key to a good haircut is all in the bangs.

If you have a small forehead with a round face, cut your bangs in such a way that when you part your hair on the side it appears that your bang length goes from shorter to longer.  This will help elongate the look of your forehead.  You can match your bangs with a medium length haircut.  You will look great!

If you have a small forehead with an oval shaped face a pixie cut would look fantastic.  The pixie cut is a wonderfully short hairstyle where the hair is cut just above the earlobes.  It is usually cut in nice short layers and can be worn messy or sleek.  The pixie hairstyle is easy to manage and is a very simple hairstyle which will help you look put together with just a little effort.

If you have a small forehead with a heart shaped face a great haircut would be to have your hair about shoulder length and straight.  Have your bangs a little longer too and brush or pin them to the side.  This look is both elegant and fun depending on how you choose to style it.

small forehead hairstyle with bangsHaving a small forehead is really not a bad thing.  With many options on how to accentuate your forehead, or to elongate the look of your forehead the sky is the limit when it comes to finding haircuts for you.

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