30 Oct

The Best Hairstyles For Teenage Boys

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teenage boys hairstyles leonardoThe Best Hairstyles For Teenage Boys

Boys have it easy when it comes to styling hair, not only does it come naturally but they have many different styles to choose from. Styling a teenage boy’s hair can be easy as there are many different styles to choose from without ever making a single cut. Be sure that your hair is not greasy looking and anything you do with the hair will look great. Even today, there are no bad hair days because even messy boy hair is a very popular style.

There once was a day where boys all had the same hair style, cut short with nothing more to their hair. That is a style of the past, but most boys still stick to it, just because it’s a style of hair. Today boys let their hair grow long and styling it has because an art. Teenage boys have even adopted the dreadlock style, mainly from not washing their hair. By letting all of the natural grease and grim of the hair, it would cause the hair to ‘dreadlock’ into place, which became a style for boys.

Because of celebrities such as Zac Efron, long shaggy hair has become one of the more popular teenage boy hairstyles of today. This hairstyle is cool, attractive and looks great on any teenage boy. It is easy to achieve this look as long as you have some type of hair product like gel or pomade. You do not even have to brush your hair, but with your hand as you apply either mouse or gel. After applying a small dab throughout your hair all you have to do is mess it up and let it sit on your head. Try not to get the hair too ‘organized’ as its supposed to look slightly messy.

Another great looking teenage boy hairstyle is to spike the hair up. For this style you will always have to use some type of stronger gel to hold it in place and to comb your hair until its spiked up. You do not necessarily need to use a comb, but rather use your hands and you will achieve a look that not only is popular today but something that is new and messy looking. The key to a good hairstyle for any teenage boy is to make it look messy and use products such as mouse or gel.

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