16 Nov

Try A Hairstyle Before Making The First Cut

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hairstyle wigsTry A Hairstyle Before Making The First Cut

How do you know that a hairstyle you have chosen will look good on you? Before you make the cut or change your hair color you want to be completely sure the style you have chosen will look good on you and will fit your personality. If you want to make small changes you can always make small cuts and trims as well as make small changes to your hair color by adding highlights. These are small changes that will not drastically alter your look, but when it comes to making a large change to your style you want to make sure it looks good.

hairstyle softwareThere is virtual hairstyle software that you can upload a picture of yourself and actually change or alter your hair style. You can make changes to the length, style and even color to see how it would look on you. Through this virtual makeover software you can see how your new hairstyle and color looks and then take that picture to your stylist as an example of what you want.

Wigs are another way of getting a picture of what your new style would look like on you before you make the drastic changes. Wigs are actually not too expensive and can be used whenever you want. They are a great dress up piece for Halloween or just for fun. Wigs can be found in almost any hairstyle and color you can think of. You can also make cuts to your wig to try different styles of hair before making your final decision. It is important to be completely satisfied with any drastic hair style change, otherwise you will have to wait months before your hair grows back to its normal length. If you change the color of your hair, it is much easier to color it back than it is to re-grow hair.

If you have a question about how to pick your next hairstyle, then please “Ask The Hairstylist” your question and we will post the response here.


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